Avoid 5 mistakes while writing a dissertation format

The dissertation is prepared for the final submission to increase the grades. Most of the students must follow the dissertation format, whereas some are not. Through this, they lead to losing their grades. The dissertation format is used to make proper content systematically. It will help in framing our ideas into a beautiful paper. For this you need to make some common mistakes clear which are:

Language of the Dissertation

The language of the article is commonly English, albeit a few divisions whose topic includes unknown dialects may acknowledge a thesis written in a language other than English.


Most papers are 100 to 300 pages long. All these ought to be isolated into fitting areas, and long papers may require parts, major divisions, and subdivisions.

Page and Text Requirements

  • PAGE SIZE: 8½ x 11 inches, except if a melodic score is incorporated.
  • Edges: In any event 1 inch for all sides.


  • Group of content: twofold separating
  • Square citations, references, and book indices: single dispersing inside every passage except twofold dividing between every section
  • Chapter by chapter guide, rundown of tables, rundown of figures or representations, and extensive tables: single dispersing might be utilized

Collection of Text, Tables, Figures, and Captions

  • The textual style used in the group of content should likewise be used in headers, page numbers, and references. Exemptions are made uniquely for tables and figures made with various programming and embedded into the report.
  • Tables and figures must be set as close as conceivable to their first notice in the content. They might be placed on a page with no content above or beneath, or they might be put legitimately into the content Tables and figures alluded to in the content may not be set toward the finish of the part or the finish of the paper.
  • Headings ought to be placed at the highest point of tables. While no particular principles for the organization of table headings and figure inscriptions are required, a reliable arrangement must be utilized all through the exposition.
  • Inscriptions ought to show up at the base of any figures. On the off chance that the character takes up the whole page, the subtitle ought to be put alone on the previous page, focused vertically and on a level plane inside the edges.

Thus these are some things which you need to keep in mind while writing a dissertation format.